The Skin Refinery Skincare Center combines quality products and techniques with skilled professionals to guide you to overall skin health and skin rejuvenation.

Whether a single service or treatment plan, our services are designed to optimize skin health by treating skin from head to toe. With each visit, we start from within to improve the skins circulation and function resulting in health benefits that improve skin texture and hydration while addressing your personal skin concerns.

Our experienced staff includes a Nurse Practitioner, Certified Skin Revision Therapist, and Licensed Aestheticians with specialized training in pharmaceutical grade skin care. During your consultation we will develop a plan with you to address your skin care concerns resulting in a prescriptive plan designed just for you. The treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs. Consultations can be scheduled with treatment started the same day. The products to complete your home prescriptive are available online and in store for purchase.

Our goal is to partner with you so that you can be your best, come to the Skin Refinery Skin Care Center-where healthy skin starts within.

Optimize Overall Skin Health

The Skin Refinery Skincare Center was established December 2021. This mother daughter team is dedicated to providing quality skin care services and products. While skin is our focus, we are aware that life begins from within. And, in a world where we face many challenges, our skin is the window to our health. The fundamental goal of the Skin Refinery is to rebuild, renew, and rejuvenate overall skin health.

Meet The Team

Whitney Saint

Michelle Neff

Bethanne Cross

Cristina Ratley

Medical Director