Lashes & Hair Removal

Lashes enhance and accentuate the eyes. If you suffer from fine, sparse or loss of lashes due to a medical condition lash enhancement is a great option. Our expert Aesthetician’s apply each lash to create a natural look.

Classic Lashes

Using our signature 1-to-1 techniques, these lashes are ideal if you want natural looking lash extensions. Summer Special $140

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are multiple lightweight lash fans hand-built and applied to one single natural eyelash. Not to be confused with Cluster Lashes, our Volume Lashes are the best choice if you’re looking for major drama and fullness. Summer Special $160

Hybrid Lashes

Combines the best of both worlds, Classic plus volume! Classic Lashes are enhanced with ultra-lightweight lash fans hands built and applied throughout the lash line. Summer Special $180

Traditional Waxing from head to toe.

Sugaring is a natural hair removal service using only natural ingredients. This is a great option for people with sensitive skin or a skin allergy to traditional wax.